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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
_gjhgj started the game!2018-05-24 23:04:09
alex got another health bottle! Also got a key, 2 orbs, a rainbow gem2018-05-19 15:52:45
alex collected an orb! Also got a spell2018-05-18 14:48:38
alex started the game!2018-05-18 14:48:37
jackolantern got another health bottle! Also got 2 magic bottles, a key, 2 orbs, a spell2018-05-15 15:42:25
jackolantern started the game!2018-05-15 15:33:35
ABBB started the game!2018-05-13 15:04:21
pete started the game!2018-05-10 11:44:03
Keyko was awarded a medal! Also got a rainbow gem2018-05-09 09:21:08
Keyko won a rainbow gem in Ironworks C!2018-05-09 09:14:14
Dack started the game!2018-05-03 08:09:28
xx started the game!2018-05-01 22:25:05
zzz started the game!2018-05-01 22:24:27
ivma started the game!2018-05-01 22:22:57
??? started the game!2018-05-01 22:22:20