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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
Fin found a new recipe! Also got 5 orbs, 4 rainbow gems, a synth item2018-11-17 20:04:30
Radaxian started the game!2018-11-16 18:22:42
Fin found a key! Also got a recipe, 2 medals, 2 orbs, 11 rainbow gems, a synth item, a spell2018-11-10 20:15:07
Fin has recovered the instruments from the Silent Void!!!2018-11-10 18:11:08
Fin has completed 50% of the full game!2018-11-10 18:11:08
Fin recovered the Bass of the Moon! Also got a medal, 4 orbs, 5 rainbow gems2018-11-10 18:11:08
Fin defeated The Supervisor!2018-11-10 18:11:08
Fin got another health bottle! Also got a recipe, an orb, a synth item2018-11-10 15:03:36
Fin found a key! Also got a recipe, 4 rainbow gems2018-11-10 14:56:17
PatoPatuncio91 started the game!2018-11-06 12:36:12
edwin got another health bottle! Also got another magic bottle, an orb, a spell2018-11-05 12:05:33
edwin started the game!2018-11-05 11:58:24
Heath got another magic bottle! Also got an orb, 3 rainbow gems2018-11-05 00:02:15
Heath collected an orb! Also got a spell2018-11-04 23:53:24
Heath started the game!2018-11-04 23:53:24