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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
zecy started the game!2016-10-20 14:15:26
crysterald started the game!2016-10-18 17:53:11
john_steve got another health bottle! Also got 2 magic bottles, 2 orbs, a spell2016-10-16 00:29:20
john_steve started the game!2016-10-15 19:49:07
Bestofthebest started the game!2016-10-13 03:37:36
Chara_Dreemurr started the game!2016-10-12 21:00:56
Jose started the game!2016-10-06 17:49:06
_matthew started the game!2016-10-01 17:22:06
JUAN started the game!2016-10-01 14:04:53
dodoria started the game!2016-09-27 04:45:12
isaac started the game!2016-09-25 17:40:50
_123 started the game!2016-09-20 22:46:52
123 started the game!2016-09-20 22:46:23
CID started the game!2016-09-14 03:55:00
pterarobo found a new recipe! Also got a medal, 2 orbs, 7 rainbow gems, a spell2016-09-13 22:40:21