123 Slaughterhouse is a community project targeting Vanilla Doom 2. The project is inspired by mine and NinjaDelphox's 100 Line Massacre and 200 Line Massacre. The only difference being the addition of community mappers.

As the 123 in the title suggests, each map will be limited to 123 lines at most. As mine and NinjaDelphox's projects have previously demonstrated, the line limit provides for fast but chaotic combat puzzle maps that do not drag or out-stay their welcome.

While "slaughter" is in the title, the maps themselves do not need to be slaughtermaps, per say. Even the term "slaughter" is often subjective. We will be aiming for combat puzzle heavy maps similar to wads like Speed of Doom, Scythe 2, and Sunlust. While there is no monster limit, you must make sure that the map is playable in Vanilla Doom.

I look forward to your contribution to the project! :D